NBL Type 2 / Class 22

While the rest of the British Rail network had adopted diesel-electric as its standard form of motive power, the Wester Region was unique in equipping its entire modern loco fleet with diesel-hydraulics using proven technology imported and licensed from West Germany.

Built by North British Locomotive Company and introduced in 1959, the Class 22s were allocated to light passenger duties and local freight work in several depots across the South West.

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Sadly, none remain from the 58 locos built, although the Project Class 22 Society are currently accumulating parts to build a brand new example of this much-loved locomotive, and it is to them that we are donating over £10,000.

Our initial range of models represents the production versions of the loco. In due course we will release the 10 Pilot Scheme locos, which differed in several details.

Designed entirely within the UK, this model is the first to use our advanced modular system-level design philosophy, and state-of-the-art electronic control suite, producing the most advanced loco model of any scale yet produced, and is available in either O gauge or Scale 7 as standard.

Not only is our model totally accurate on the outside, but even the mechanical components inside the bogies have been reproduced exactly like the real loco, making it just as accurate upside down as it is on a track. Our specially-made high torque motor drives an internal reduction gearbox, through a transfer case and then out to the bogies using precision drive shafts. The plug-and-play DCC interface board is easily replaceable in case of failure, and of course we build in our sound systems on every model we make – this model features a market-leading HiFi-quality speaker. Several optional parts are included with your model to make it unique to you.

In order to thank the Project Class 22 Society for their assistance in producing this model, we have produced a Limited Edition of only 50 models, from which the proceeds will be donated to P22. We wish them well recreating this wonderful loco.


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