BTH Type 1 / Class 15

The British Thomson-Houston Type 1, or Class 15 as it is more commonly known, was primarily designed for local freight work. After their initial delivery to East London in 1957, they were evaluated against competing Type 1 locos, and consequently redistributed to depots across North London and East Anglia, and remained there until the final examples were withdrawn in 1971. A total of only 44 locos were built, and only one survives today, number D8233. It is currently being restored by the Class 15 Preservation Society, to whom we are delighted to have committed donations totalling over £10,000.

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Our highly acclaimed model is one of the most advanced and feature-rich ready-to-run models available today. Each model comes with operating head code discs (unique to Little Loco models), sprung buffers and screw couplings. The fully decorated cab interior is totally accurate, even down the crew’s oven and fire extinguishers.

The low-slung die-cast chassis has been specially designed to reduce the centre of gravity and aid stability, and together with our custom-designed powerful motor, haulage capacity is over and above what the original loco could manage. The most innovative feature of all is that every model, regardless of control method purchased, includes professionally-designed twin speaker sound units built into the model, making upgrading to full DCC at a later date as simple as plugging in a decoder.

As a fitting way to thank the Class 15 Preservation Society, who generously helped us produce our model, we have produced a Limited Edition of only 50 models of D8233 – the sole remaining BTH Type 1. Proceeds go directly to the C15PS in order for them to complete the restoration.

In addition, we have commissioned a series of Special Edition models featuring the Class 15 ‘celebrity’ loco; D8234, the Liverpool Street pilot. Always kept in immaculate condition, this loco kept London’s Liverpool Street free of idle trains and smartly marshalled the carriage sidings. Our model is available in three liveries covering the lifespan of the pilot, and each is fully decorated.