Little Loco Company – It’s time for a change


Little Loco Company was formed with two objectives firmly in mind – that we make accurate and affordable models, and we support our railway heritage from our sales.

To achieve the first, we spend many hundreds of hours on research, both with the prototype we model and with the original builder’s plans. To be able to include the small details we work with a preservation or restoration group who own or runs an actual prototype we model. In return for often many hours of technical and access assistance, we then gift sizeable donations to that group in order for them to continue to preserve our railway heritage.

Each model uses the latest technology in its design and manufacture, and helps reduce as far as possible any future requirements you may have. For example, all of our locos are PluX 22 DCC compliant, meaning they are future-proofed for the foreseeable future – any additional accessories you may wish to add are easy to integrate. In addition, all of our loco models include a high quality, professionally designed speaker system, saving you the trouble of sourcing and fitting your own. Maintenance access is easy for routine tasks like greasing gears and axles.

Our model catalogue will grow steadily over time to include many types and sizes of loco, wagons and carriages – each of which will benefit preservation and heritage societies around the UK. Although our products have an Eastern bias, we hope to spread the donations we give as far as possible.

Thank you for visiting. Please take a look at our products and projects we support, and feel free to contact us.

Steven Leathers
Little Loco Company Ltd